MASTERMIX 1.15EDCF is skid mounted CLC production unit driven by ELECTRIC MOTOR and DIESEL ENGINE  with working capacity of 7-8m3/hour. When the electricity is not available, you can change the drive from electric to diesel engine and keep the production on. Therefore this unit is very useful for area without electricity. This make it becoming a highly demanded in the developing area.



It is combinated of Mixer, Foam Generator, Air Compressor .This unit does not require any foundation. Carried by a light cargo truck, you can bring it to any job site and lay it on a flat ground to start the production. This unit can be used in combination with a conveyor and a concrete pump to reduce the manpower and increase the production capacity.

Technical specifications 



Mixer  volume/ mortar volume

1.15m3/ 1m3

Mixer speed/ production capacity

Max 65rpm/ 6-7m3/hr

Air compressor

350l/min at pressure of 7 kgs/ cm2

Foam Generator, Model FoamMaster I

Foam delivery: 200-260 l/min

Electric motor

380V/ 50Hz/ 11 Kw at 1460 rpm

Diesel engine


EV 2400-N 4 cycles, 01 cylinder, water cooled

Engine capacity: Min/ max

17 / 22HP at

Dimensions ( L x W x H)

3000 x 2000 x 1400mm


2100 kgs


Download Catalogue:
Download this file (catalogue MASTERMIX 1.15 EDCF .pdf)MASTERMIX 1.15EDCF[MASTERMIX 1.15EDCF]299 Kb