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Question 13: It is better to use saw blade cutting machine of wire cutting machine?

- By Mssrs Cefocon- India: “opt for cutting by wires-strings machine … this sort of cutting machine can do within 4 hrs to 6 hrs. after casting of the blocks “. Don' t go for cutting of lightweight Concrete cake by saw blades, ( as came to know near lightweight blocks unit near Bhiwadi ) as it requires cake to have hardened enough of 20 hours”

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Question 12: Why CLC plant owner always think to in steam curing and wire cutting machine? Raised by Mr D. Kalaria ( India)?

- Answer by Mr Dahale S S- CLC technology expert and consultant: Its basically desired by most of the entrepreneurs , to have less inventories and high production output of any product , same is true about CLC foamed concrete ,

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Question 11: From your experience, what is the best or most suitable type of mixer for foam concrete…?

- By Mr Shinde Vijay ( India): Ribbon type Mixer with Reverse and forward action at a time.

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Question 10: We are located in Middle East and the temperature in our area is very high in summer, but in winter the temperature is cool, some days it goes down to 5-10°C.

We are thinking about a CLC bricks factory to use the air and water natural curing in summer, but with steam curing in winter. Can you help us to design such factory ?

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