Question 3: What are the applications of the foam concrete?

Question 3: What are the applications of the foam concrete?

Since the introduction of cellular concrete systems to the construction industry over 50 years ago, the use of foamed concrete has been almost exclusively limited to non-structural void filling, thermal insulation, acoustic damping, trench filling for reinstatement of roads and for building blocks. The use of lightweight concrete in building is becoming increasingly extensive

The following are some of the typical applications in building sectors;

- Roof and floor insulation : as heat and sound insultion layer applied on rigid floors or other filling situation where high insulating properties are required. The foam concrete  density is 300-600 kg/m³ and it is made of cement and foam only

- Manufacture of precast blocks and panel for walls, slabs for false ceilings, thermal insulation and soundproofing screeds in multi-level residential and commercial buildings. Foam concrete Density is 600-900 kg/m³and is made with Sand/ flyash, Cement & Foam
- Manufacture of concrete blocks and panels for outer walls of buildings, architectural ornamentation as well as partition walls, concrete slabs for roofing and floor screeds. Foam concrete has density 900-1200 kg/m and is made with Sand,/flyash, Cement & Foam
- Precast panels of any dimension for commercial and industrial use, cast-in-situ  walls, and other uses where the foam concrete is designed as a structural concrete component.  In this case it has the density of 1200-1600 kg/m³ and it is made with Sand, Cement & Foam

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