Question 5: It is true that the blocks with green strength separated by cutting of wires are likely to stick to each other after cutting and during the curing?

No. The bricks will not stick to each other.The secrete is to chose the right cutting wire and cutting moment. We do not meet such problem with our cutting machine MasterCut-3 and no buyers cried about this matter so far. You can remove the brick by hand easily from the tray.


Question 6: What is the right temperature for steam curing of the clc bricks after cutting with your MasteCut -3 machine?

We recommend the temperature between 60-80°C. The best is to keep constant between 65-70°C. You should not raise the temperature higher than 80°C as the high temperature may destroy the structure of the foam concrete due to the volume expansion of the air bubbles inside the CLC.


Question 7: How long time shall I keep the clc bricks inside the steam curing time ?

You can keep a curing cycle up to 12 hours. If your production cycle does not allow you to do this, you may reduce the curing time. After cutting, the trays with bricks are pushed into the curing area and after 3-4hrs from the cutting of the first mold tray, when the quantity inside the curing chamber are big enough (around 30-40m3) you can start to supply the steam separately in each channel based on the entering order.


Question 8: How long after steam curing can we sell the clc bricks to the buyers?

Theoretically steam curing can help the bricks to achieve the final strength earlier, but you cannot sell them out immediately after removal from curing chamber.  You can sell and bring it to the jobsite after 3-4 days allowing them to cool down and further develop the strength under the condition mentioned in the question 7.


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