Question 1: What is lightweight (cellular) foamed concrete ?

Foamed Concrete is a lightweight, free flowing material which is ideal for a wide range of applications. It is made by adding a special foam to a cement mortar slurry.


Question 2: How is foamed concrete made?

Foamed Concrete is made by adding a special foam to a cement mortar slurry. This foam is made from a Foaming agent which a highly concentrated, highly efficient, low dosage liquid which is fed with water into an Foam Generator.


Question 3: What are the applications of the foam concrete?

Since the introduction of cellular concrete systems to the construction industry over 50 years ago, the use of foamed concrete has been almost exclusively limited to non-structural void filling, thermal insulation, acoustic damping, trench filling for reinstatement of roads and for building blocks. The use of lightweight concrete in building is becoming increasingly extensive


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