CLC blocks production factory AACeramic

CLC blocks production factory AACeramic

In January 2013, THT International Co., Ltd has completed a new project to supply equipment for CLC blocks production factory AACeramic from Nangrong, Thailand.

According to the owner, since 2010 his factory produced CLC blocks at the sizes of 7.5/10 x 20 x 60 cm in battery molds at a capacity of about 30m3/day. The blocks have de-molding oil covered on the surfaces and the capacity of the plant was low.

After a visit made to Vietnam to see the operation of the clc blocks cutting machine MasterCut-3 and quality of the blocks cut by it, he has decided to buy our cutting machine and other equipment to modify his existing plant. With new CLC blocks cutting machine MasterCut 3, his company will be able to increase the quality and the sales volume of the blocks.

Due the hot climate in Thailand, the factory adopt a “ natural water spray” curing method. After cutting, the blocks on the base tray will be enveloped in PP membrane and sprayed with water for curing before removal on the pallets in the yard.


The blocks supplied by AACeramic always have a trade mark imprinted on it at the end side to highlight the quality and the source of supply to the buyer.                                       


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