Superplasticizer for concrete

Superplasticizer for concrete High water reducer

THTSP-10 is a third generation water reducer additive for concrete. It is Lignosulphate and Naphatalene sulphonate based product, of high solubility and dispersion in water, creating a high workable and flow-able concrete at water reduction rate up to 20-25%. This additive is compatible to many types of cement.

 1. Aplications: THTSP-10 is very suitable for dry mix concrete, self-compacting concrete for beam, floor, abrasive resistant concrete, and for special applications such as anchoring, concrete pumping works

This additive is very suitable for production of foam concrete as it help to increase the compression strength up to 30%.

  1. 3.      Specifications

Material status

Grey while powder

                       Water content (%):

3% max

Purity (%):




PH Value


  Chlorides content (%):


Alkaline conctent  (%):


Dosage in concrete:

0.16~0.3% by cement weight


  1. 4. Packing: In PE bags or Pe bags in cartoon drums of  25kgs in powder form
  1. 5. Warehouse condition

This powder form additive is sensitive to air it must be kept in tie PE bags in dry places. The warehouse must not be higher that 40 degree C. High over-stacking  should be avoided

Lifetime in warehouse: 1 year if bags not open

6.Transport and handling

This product is not toxic, not irritating, not flammable. Just take care not to break the package and keep it out from moisture during transport. It should be used as soon as possible after opening of the package.