The plant is designed for production of clc blocks from the following materials: cement/ fly ash, sand, water, foam. The producer may add the concrete additive.

- Production capacity: min 10cbm/day, extendable later on to 20m3/day
- Power consumption: Max. 15kW

1.1 Skid mounted mixer,  Model MasterMix0.5ECF: 01 set



-   Cylindrical form body mixing drum made of steel plate of 6mm thick, diameter of 0.5m3, at 1.m long,

- Special designed bearing hub with heavy duty Japanese roll bearing, totally closed, isolated from dust and concrete mortar for long service life

- Horizontal shaft with reverse direction ribbon blades, especially designed for foam concrete production to assure the uniform and fast mixing.

 - With pipeline coupling for water line supply and tube for foam feeding

- With large materials feeding gate for sand/fly-ash/ cement,

- With OPTIONAL steel grate and cement bags tearing device, covered by steel lid in case of manual load of material


- Driven by electric motor 5 kW through a heavy duty gear box and soft coupler for smooth
rotation and easy adjustment.
- Max speed: 65 rpm


- Discharge gate: butter fly manual valve with handle for opening and closing the gate, diameter 150mm


Air Supply system:
- Air compressor 3 HP, made in Taiwan, driven by the above motor through
flywheel, and V-belt
- Air supply capacity: 350 litter/min, at max. set pressure of 7 Kgs/cm2.
- Equipped air gauge and safety valve
- Air tank of 120 litters
- Supply compressed air to the Foam Generator FoamMaster


Foam Generator: model FoamMaster I, upgraded version for electric and pneumatic drive

- Light and compact foam generator, famous

- Capacity:max 200l/min, dependsing on Foaming agent type and nature

- Installed on a steel base support at the gear box

- The spray lance is fixed on the mixer body for supply the foam directly inside the mixer

- Suction line is made available for drawing the foaming solution from a tank located on the platform.

- Quantity of foam is set automatically by electronic timer installed in the control board

 Water supply system 

- Water pump: Imported water pump Pentax MB200
- Italian electric water pump of capacity 9.6m3/hr
- Electric Motor of 1.5kW / 220V/50Hz
- The exact quantity of water for every batch is automatically set on the control board by electronic timer for setting the pump running time.
- The water source for clc production must be supplied on site by user
- Clean water is recommended
- A separate water tank of must be provided by the buyer for supply water to the mixer and foam generator and this water must be clean. Tap water is recommended.

Control Board:
- Closed control panel with all components mounted inside steel box, isolated from water and dust, with electric/ electronic components from famous brands, easy available on the market
- Equipped with all buttons, gauges, swiches to operate all the equipment on the units
- Allows operator to set and control the mixing time, foam spray time, water pump running time,.. in semi automatic regime
- With digital display to indicate the quantity of solid materials (cement and fly ash) needed for each batch
- Emmergency stop button


Support Chassis
- Chassis frame made of strong welded steel boxes and bars, to support all the eqmnt and subframe
- With hook- eye for lifting up with crane to put on small cargo truck to travel to the jobsite
Dimension 1112 (W)x 2245 (L)x3565 mm (H)
Weight: 1150kg
Mixing cycle: 10-15min/batch
1.2 Conveyor belt: 01 set (optional item)
- Size 400mm x 4000mm long
- Driven by gear motor 2.2kW/ 380V/50Hz at 75 rpm speed
- Capacity of 10t/hr max
- With a hopper at the lower end for feeding of cement and sand into mixer
- Can be purchased from local market
1.3 CLC block Minicutter cutting machine:
- Model name: MiniCutter-1, brand new, made by THT International Co., Ltd
- Type: Mobile type, with 4 wheels for pushing along the mold lines, with 4 manual brakes for stabilizing the machine during the cutting action
- It is designed to be operated in 2 modes: electric driven mode and manual mode in case power is lost to avoid the need of a stand-by generator.
- Cutting by 6 steel wires, tensioned in a fix frame, oscilated back and forwards along 2 chromated shaft with 4 linear special ball bearings.
- Can cut a long cake of 2400x500x200mm into 24 blocks of 100x200x500mm in 10-15min. Other blocks size possible by changing the distance between the cutting wires
- Electric driven by a gear motor of 0.25kW/380V/ 50Hz
- Max cutting capacity: up to 5m3/shift with electric gear–motor. Capacity may be less in case of manual cutting.


- Weight 65kgs
- Size: 600(W)x 1000 (L)x850mm (H)
1.4 Casting mold
- For casting CLC cake of size 2400x500x200mm. Other size available as optional
- Made of steel plate of 2mm thick, with reinforced steel angle and boxes
- 4 wall panels locked by special quick locking pin. Laid on the concrete small platform of 100mm high


               Standard mold for normal clc blocks



             Block shape after cut

- 4 wall panels locked by special quick locking pin. Laid on the concrete small platform of 100mm high built by buyer.
- Weight: about 60kgs
- Optional mold with tongues and grooves for producing of interlocking blocks

1.5 Mortar pouring cart:
- Volume 0.3m3
- Has 2 lateral gates for easy pouring of CLC into the molds on 2 sides
- 4 wheels, 2 swivel wheels for easy movement