Foam Concrete Cutting Machine MASTERCUT - 3

Foam Concrete Cutting Machine MASTERCUT - 3

MASTERCUT-3 is the last model of light weight concrete cutting machine designed and manufactured by THT International Co.,Ltd used for high capacity blocks production plants.With the nice design and special technical features, MASTERCUT-3 is the best choice for the foam concrete brick manufacturers.

 The machine can cut any size of bricks, eliminating the need of heavy cassette moulds which requires many labor and service, help to increase the production capacity and reducing the production cost

Model: MasterCut-3 - stationary machine

Application: for cutting mass wet block of CFC into small bricks of different sizes

Technical specifications:

- Type: MasterCut 3 Stationary machine is our last improved model from the previous models THTCG-1 and THTCG-2

- Max cutting capacity: up to10m3/hr (only cutting time, not including the travelling time of mould or of the mobile machine).

- Electric power: 380V-400V/ 50Hz/ 3 phases. Other electrical power specs available on request

- Control board: mounted on the side of the machine, with all control and operation buttons, emergency safety stop button, … for controlling all the processes of concrete block cutting, alarm, lighting switch, etc..

- All electronic components are from famous brand suppliers like Omron, LG, Schneider,

- Cutting mode: automatic / manual at operator’s choice

- Size of the mass concrete block before cutting: approx. 1220x1210x 400/500/600mm (height of brick depends on the buyer- options)

- Size of the bricks: nominal standard sizes 10x20x(40/50/ 60cm), tolerance max 2mm. Other sizes available on request (for ex 7.5 /15 x 20 x 60cm)

- Electrical power consumption: Max 3.5 kW

- Weight: about 1200 kgs

- Cutting wires: Abrasion resistant steel wires, easy to find on every market.

- Dimensions: Approx. 2193Hx 1910W x 2200 L (mm)

Patent registration No :3759/QD-SHTT dated 7th April 2012 

Download Catalogue:
Download this file (Catalogue MASTERCUT3_en.pdf)Light Concrete_MasterCut3_Catalogue[Light Concrete_MasterCut3_Catalogue]347 Kb
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