V- lite panels

V- lite panels

             Foamed Concrete Hollow-Core Interlocking Panels

for partition walls construction



- V-lite panels are produced from foam concrete, with addtives and synthetic fibers. The panels can be produced with steel grid reinforcement as option to achieve higher mechnical properties and safety .

- The V-lite panels have tongues and grooves at 4 sides to allow easy and fast installation in the wall on construction sites.

- These panels have excelent physical properties: high heat and sound insulation,water proof, fire proof and light weight, with high concrete strength, which make them ideal for wall construction

- The V-lite panels have the hollow cores in their bodies creating isolated parallel tubes inside the wall, running around the house allowing the electricians and plumbers to install the electrical and communication cables, water, gas and aircond pipelines easily without the need to cut the wall and recover them later with concrete. No more mess of debris and dust. No need of cleaning works.This save a huge amount in installation works for constructors.

Technical  parameters 

Sizes mm

umber of hollowcores Diameter x length

Weight Kg, max

Concrete strength Minimum, N/mm2,

1200 (L) x 500 (H) x 100 (T)

5x Æ60 x1200mm


3.5-5.0 N/mm2

1200 (L) x 600 (H) x 100 (T)

6x Æ60 x1200mm

56 kg

3.5-5.0 N/mm2

1200 (L) x 500 (H) x 150 (T)

5x Æ60 x 1200mm

64 kg

3.5-5.0 N/mm2

1200 (L) x 400 (H) x 200 (T)

8x Æ60 x1200mm

75 kg

3.5-5.0 N/mm2

1200 (L) x 500 (H) x 200 (T)

10 xÆ60 x1200mm


3.5-5.0 N/mm2



- The concrete density can be 1000-1100kg/m3 with compression strength of 3.5- 5.0 N/mm2

- Water absortion : less 10%,

- Volumeteric weight of the panel: aprox 700-750kg/m3 which make the wall as light as AAC wall

Option: panels with steel wire grid reinforcement for high strength and safety

Great advantages of   V-lite panels

- High speed of construction, saving of labor: 3 workers can build a wall of 15m2 in 1 hr.

- Saving of mortar: the mortar needed for mansory works is just 20-25% comparing to traditional brick wall construction and 40-50% to AAC of CLC blocks wall.

- Installation of the electric and communication cables, pipelines,..is much easier, cheaper and faster as through the hollow-cores inside the panels. There is no need to use the chaser to cut the walls

- Construction cost much lower: the final cost to build 1m2  of wall by V-lite panels is 40-50%

compared the clay bricks wall or 70-75% of the AAC/CLC blocks wall! This bring an enormous saving and profit to the investor! Not to count the profit brought by much earlier completion of the project and about 30% of the foundation cost thanks to the light weight of the wall.

- V-lite panels are very suitable product for high-raise building giving high comfort to apartments, and houses, help to save energy bill  by reducing the cost for air conditioning, heating.

- This is an environment friendly product, encouraged by many countries in the efforts to protect the environment, eliminating the CO2 from clay bricks production which bring about climate change.

 Main application

- V-lite panels are mainly used to build the walls which are not load bearing. The panels of 100mm thicks are mainly for inner partition walls, while the panels of 150mm or 200mm thick are for surounding walls. Higher density panel can be considered for load bearing at 1-2 floors houses.

- V-lite panels are recomended to build the hospitals, schools, warehouse, industrial and commercial building, and especially recommended to apartments in highrise buildings, affordable houses.


V-lite panelss can be produced with steel grid reinforcement at buyer’s request (option)

 Accessories to build the complete house with V-lite  panels:

There are some accessories such as V or L corner, U boxes components...produced from foam concrete at higher density to help the contractors to build the specific architechural structures: wall corners, door frames, intersection of the wall, alternation of the panel rows,etc. This is a strong advantage of V-lite panels which is not available at other type of hollow-core panels.

V, L,U components for building the corner and conducts boxes or vertical ventilation collumns for pipeline and conductors .

      Tools for masory work with panels

                                                 V-light panels – construction  guide



Consumable accessories to connect panels with oposite wall and collumn

Mix the ready made dry mortar using a drill with blade inside a plastic drum

 Check with leveler: the first row must be laid on perfect horizontal and vertical

 Apply the mortar to the end side with tongue. Use the ready made dry mortar for higher workability and strength in joint

 Align 2 panels with tongue in groove. Lay the wooden bar in the groove end and hit it by hammer to narrow the joint. Remove excessed mortar  in the joint.

 Laying second row: spread mortar on top   of tongue side using scoop trovel. Lay the upper panel on top and adjust its position  by rubber hammer.

The joints between panels must be less than 5mm wide. The panels wall must be very flat. No need to apply finishing mortar thanks to perfect surface of the wall.

Very thin skim coat layer can be applied directly on panel before painting.

Use a hand drill to cut holes in the wall then use a long steel wire to draw the cable and tube betwwen the holes

Use combinations of V, L components to build the corner or to alternate the panel on vertival postion of panel

The panels can be cut shorter by using hand saw or an electric hand cutter

Use a thin steel strip with holes, bent 90° to fix the panel to oposite collumn or wall. Can you a steel rod día 6mm

Use support device to transport and lift up panel on jobsite up to 3m high




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