CLC Hollow Core Panels

CLC Hollow Core Panels

We are now developing the technics to produce hollow core panels on our Cutting machine MasterCut 3-4. The panels will be made from CLC of 900kg/m3 and have hollow cores of diameter 60mm x 1200mm long.


The hollow core will occupy 33% of panels volume. In this way we can save 33% materials compared to blocks production.

The panels can be used like a "big blocks" of 100mm thick and have tongue and groove for interconnection between them giving stronger walls and easier laying. You can see the design of the panels for those who already have the mould of 500mm high. For those who have 600mm high, the panels will be 600mm wide having 7 hollow core instead of 6.


Our way to produce Clc hollow core panels is a/f


  • Casting the Clc cake in the mould1200x1200x600mm ( or 500mm) with tubes already fixed inside the mold
  • Use our wire cutting machine MasterCut 3 to cut the panels after 3-4 hrs. From one cake we can cut 12 panels
  • Let the panels further some time and remove the tubes
  • Pack the panels and bring to the yard for further curing.
  • 2 layers of panel and by stacked on a pallet using our THT grab.

These is no secret in this

The main keys are the cutting machine and the mold

The panel is about 55kgs and can be handled by 2 workers manually


Advantages of small size hollow core


  • Can be built like blocks no need of mechanical equipment for handling during the construction
  • Increase the speed of construction works drastically
  • Give you more strength on concrete as the volume of hollow tubes is about 33% of the panel. This allow producer to use higher content of cement ( about 350-400kg/m3) to achieve higher strength of concrete. This is very important in India as many producers are now trying to use less cement to save to cost of blocks and bring about low quality of blocks
  • The hollow tubes inside the panels can replace the ducts for laying the electrical lines, can be use to lay the water pipes without the need to cut the wall when the compact blocks or bricks are used
  • Can replace the gypsum board in partition wall with high effect of heat and sound isolation and fire resistance
  • Cost of panels are similar to blocks due to final cost saving in the construction and 25% saving in materials due to the core tube volumes


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