Foaming agent for production of light weight concrete

Foaming agent for production of light weight concrete

Foaming agent and foam generator for production of Foam concrete with large use in many fields of construction.

Foaming Agent for lightweight foamed concrete production



Our Foaming Agent is a highly concentrated, highly efficient, LOW DOSAGE liquid. When processed through a foam generator a solution of Our Foaming Agent in water creates a stiff, white foam with a 20 to 25 times increase in volume and NO foam collapse. The foam can easily be incorporated into any mortar mix to make Our Lightweight Foamed Concrete, even when using cold water.

Our Foaming Agent may be used with all types of Portland cement and incorporated into cement-only or sand-cement mortar slurries to produce foamed concrete of every type and for every application. The cost of Our Foaming Agent as a proportion of the total cost of foamed concrete is tiny - typically only about 1 – 3 %.


Excellent stabilityover a wide range of temperature and water quality. This stability means that the foam bubbles sustain themselves and support the concrete around them. The bubbles DO NOT burst easily and hence the foamed concrete does not collapse when it is made or after it has been placed

- Low cost / high concentration. Our Foaming Agent has a LOW USAGE rate and it is this which must be considered when choosing a foaming agent, not just its basic price per litre.

- High efficiency means that a high level of air entrapment is possible, hence low density foamed concrete can be achieved without using excessive foaming agent.

- Lightweight foamed concrete made using Our Foaming Agent has excellent strength and thermal insulation properties.

Our Lightweight Foamed Concrete is an extremely versatile material and can be used for a wide range of applications.
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