Foam concrete pump

Foam concrete pump

We supply peristatic (hose) pump for foam concrete.

This type of pump has the following characters:

- Small in size and easy to be transported to the jobsite

- Easy to handle due to its simple design,

- Suitable capacity for the clc pouring applications like wall casting, floor and roof isolations, void filling, house casting, moulds filling for clc bricks production,...

- Does not break the foam inside the foam concrete

Technology specification:

Output capacity: 12000L/hour

- Max of pressure: 1.5 MPa

- Squeezing house ID: 65mm

- Squeezing house OD: 100mm

- Squeezing house length: 1750mm

- Rotor rev: 45rpm

- Max particleDia: 8mm

- Max suction left: 5mm

- Motor Power: 11KW