Foam Concrete Production Unit

Foam Concrete Production Unit

Foam Concrete Production Unit driven by diesel engine or electric motor, mounted on mobile tires chassis.


Cylindrical form body mixing drum made of steel plate of 6mm thick, diameter of 1.0m, at 1.5m long, giving empty volume of 1,17 cbm for mixing 1m3 of CLC mortar.

Special designed bearing hub with heavy duty bearing, totally closed, isolated from dust and mortar for long service life.

Horizontal shaft with reverse direction ribbon blades, especially designed for foam concrete production to assure an uniform and fast mixing.

With pipeline coupling for water line supply

With large materials feeding gate for sand/fly-ash/ cement, with steel grate and cement bags tearing device, covered by steel lid.

 Discharge gate: butterfly valve, diameter of 100mm, actuated manually by a handle, with manual brake to fix the opening at the desired position.

 Driven by diesel engine or electric motor through a 7.5kW or   heavy duty gear box. Max speed: 65 rpm

 Air Supply system:

Air compressor head, piston type, 3 HP, made in Taiwan, driven by the above diesel engine through flywheel, and V-belt

Air supply capacity: 350 litter/min, at max. set pressure of 7 Kgs/cm2.

Equipped air gauge and safety valve

Air tank of 120 litters

Supply compressed air to the Foam Generator FoamMaster I

Foam Generator:

Light and compact foam generator, famous model FoamMaster I

Capacity : 200l/min

Installed on a steel base support at the gear box

The spray lance is fixed on the mixer body for supply the foam directly inside the mixer

Suction line is made available for drawing the foaming solution from a tank located on the platform.

Support Chassis:

Chassis frame made of strong welded steel boxes and bars, to support all the eqmnt and subframe

4 Pneumatic tires of the size  650-15/ mounted on 2  strong axles, total capacity of 2.5t

4 support legs, manual adjusted and fixing for support the unit during the operation, to reduce vibration and load on the tires

With drawing hook- eye for connecting to small cargo truck through a elescopic draw bar to travel to the jobsite.

Paint: 2 layers painted, unti-rust paint of brown color and final paint in blue color

Dimension:  3200mm (L) x 1864mm (H) x 1900mm (W)

Weight: 2350 (kg)