Foamed Concrete Bricks Production Plants

Foamed Concrete Bricks Production Plants

Our company can supply Foam Concrete Bricks Production Plants of capacity varying from 20 to 300 cbm/day.

The plant can have different configurations to meet the demand of each buyer, depending on the capacity, surface of land, building, raw materials, investment cost,etc.

Brick Production Plant

The plant can combine the main following equipment :

1. Foam concrete batching plant: this unit can be a small mixer of low capacity with simple control board or a modern fully automatic batching plant, with PLC control system for bigger capacity higher than 50m3/day. The Automatic Batching Plant will control all the processes of materials supply and weighing (cement, sand, fly-ash, foam, water,...) and the mixing cycles, mortar discharge, operation data recording and reporting for easy management and quality control

2. Molds: the number of molds depends on the capacity of the plant. The molds can be stationary or mobile, depending on the configuration of the plant. We recommend the mono-block mobile molds for casting big size of CLC cakes (ex: 1200 x 1200 x 400/500/600mm). The big CLC cakes will be cut into small bricks of any size (ex: 100 x 200 x 500mm) by using the wire cutting machine MasterCut

3. Foam concrete cutting machine: our patented CLC blocks cutting machine allow you to cut the concrete big cakes soon as they get hard, normally from 2-4 hrs after pouring, in normal weather conditions. Our cutting machine use steel wire as cutting tools, and does not require special wires like other similar type machines. It can cut big CLC cake into small bricks in one cut at max cutting capacity of 10m3/day.

- MasterCut machine can be stationary of mobile machine for use with mobile or stationary molds.

- The machine is very robust, high capacity, easy to operate and maintenance. Can be fully or semi automatic.

4. Optional items: at the choice of buyer: 

- Steam curing system for the bricks after cutting operation

- Bricks handling utilities: grab, handling tools

- Sand conveyor, Sand screen, sand bin

- Cement silo, screw conveyor

- etc

We can design, manufacture, install and supply the plant on turn-key basis.

Please contact us for more details to meet your specific requirement.

Your satisfaction will be guaranted !